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How would you like to make a difference in the life of a child living in poverty?  


For the past 15 years, my wife Valerie and I have been child sponsors through Compassion International.  It has been a joy to know that the kids we sponsor are getting their physical and spiritual needs met while we are building a relationship with them through written letters.  


When we started having children of our own, we wanted to get our kids involved and experience giving back to others that are not as fortunate as we are.   Our four oldest kids help support children similar in age to themselves in three different countries.  Our oldest son Davis writes letters to his friend Panupong aka “Dear" who lives in Thailand, Hudson writes to Ryan in Brazil, Case writes to Brandon in El Salvador, and our daughter Price colors pictures for Johanna in El Salvador.  


In 2016, Val and I were blessed to go on a Compassion Sponsor trip to El Salvador and meet two of our kids, Brandon and Johanna.  We were also able to meet their families and step into their lives for a day.  Meeting these kids and their families changed our hearts.  These children have become part of our family.  They showed us that pure joy comes from within.  They don’t have the material things that we have, they don’t always know when their next meal will be, but through Compassion, they have HOPE. 

Because of our sponsorship, each child gets access to education and medical care.  They also have after school programs at the local church where they receive tutoring, health training, vocational training, and most importantly, where they see and hear the gospel of Jesus at work.  

Becoming a sponsor through Compassion is one of the most impactful things you can do to help a child in need, please join me and help change a child's life forever.  

Join me and sponsor a child today!  


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Our goal—a world free of MS.

I’m going for it again! After riding in the BP MS150 last year, I had to sign up again. Last year I was inspired by the thousands of people that came out to ride for others with MS, as well as all the people I met on the ride that endure the struggles of MS every single day. They are the reason I ride! The BP MS150 is a two day, 150 mile fundraising bike ride from Houston to Austin, TX taking place on April 28-29. I'd love your support as I prepare once again for this incredible experience. Next year, I’ll ask you to join me on the ride….but for now, I’ll do the hard part and go the distance for us all.

I personally ride for my sister-in-law, Julie, who was diagnosed with MS just two years ago. Julie was an ALL-MAC volleyball player at Miami of Ohio (the Harvard of the MAC) and has coached high school girls volleyball for many years. Julie has been voted one of the best HS Math teachers in the state of Colorado by those who know her best. Julie is very active, has two young boys (Grady, 7; Crew, 6), a very supportive and loving husband, and lives in Colorado Springs just 15 minutes from my family. Julie and her husband Ryan are family, but they are also our best friends.

You would look at Julie (aka “the Juice) and you would never know that she suffers from this horrible disease. She lives a very healthy lifestyle by exercising daily and eating a strict paleo diet. Does she always feel as good as she looks? Absolutely not! MS is such a hidden disease. Julie has tremendous faith and strength, and her positivity usually masks a lot of the symptoms she endures daily.

I will go the distance for the Juice. I will go the distance for Uncle John. I will go the distance in memory of Uncle Pete. I am preparing to go the distance for all suffering with MS.

Please support me today!

Do you know somebody that suffers from MS? Are you willing to make a $10 donation to help find a cure for them? Are you willing to make a $500 donation? Make a donation in their name and I will personally e-mail them and let them know of this gift you are giving them. I will let them know that I’ll be riding for them!  Also, BP will match the next $500 I raise!  Let's do this!

With support from people like you, we can raise a lot of money! The money raised will help fund amazing progress in MS research, as well as services that ensure people affected by MS can live their best lives. This cause is really important to me, so I hope you will help me before I begin the BP MS150 Ride from Houston to Austin, TX, on April 28th.

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