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About Hunter



Hunter met his wife Val in 2000 just before the Sydney Olympics at the Olypmic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  At the time, Val was training with the US National Vollebyall Team.  Ironically, they had their first date on the same day Val was cut from the 2000 Olympic Team.  Val and Hunter believe that God kept Val on the team just long enough for them to meet and begin a relationship.  


​Three years later they were married.  They have traveled the world together.  Val can say that although she didn't accomplish her goal of playing volleyball in the Olympics, she has still been able to go to 4 Olympic Games as a part of "Team Kemper."  


In January of 2007, Hunter and Val started a family with the birth of their first son Davis Thomas.  Nine years later, they now have two more sons, Hudson Frank (5) and Case Henry (4).  In November of 2013 they welcomed a little girl ino their family with the arrival of Price Clara (2).  


The kids enjoy following their daddy as he races.  Davis was even able to travel to the Olympics in London to watch Hunter compete.  Their favorite part of traveling to watch Hunter race has been staying in the hotels.  They have also shown interest in triathlons as Davis has raced in four kids tris himself. 


Hunter thanks God first and foremost for the success that He has given him, but he also attributes much of his success to the support of his family.  "My family is there wether I win or lose, my kids don't care.  They love me because I'm their daddy, not because of what I do."   

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